Four Percent Review 2024: Making Money With Vick Strizheus

Four Percent Review 2024: Making Money With Vick Strizheus

Welcome, my name is Ahmad Eisah and today we will be looking at the four percent group, vick strizheus, the affiliate business system and more so without further ado welcome to my 2024 four percent review.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or a newcomer eager to make your mark, join us as we dissect the core elements of the Four Percent system, offering insights into the strategies that have propelled entrepreneurs to new heights in the digital realm.

As we unravel the layers of the Four Percent Affiliate Business System, our review aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what sets Vick Strizheus’ platform apart.

From the ABS model’s inner workings to the latest advancements incorporated into the system, this exploration promises to equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of online business.

Whether you’re considering joining the Four Percent community or seeking to learn from this four percent review, our review is your roadmap to unlocking the full potential of this innovative system in 2024.

Four Percent Review – The Beginning

The Four Percent Group offers a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to thrive in the digital marketing space.

In this blog, we will delve into the various aspects of Four Percent, and explore its membership levels, core training modules, success stories, community support, and much more. Get ready to unlock the secrets to digital marketing with The 4% group.

Four Percent is an online moneymaking course created by Vick Strizheus that promises to show people how to earn online. He boasts some impressive claims.

What Is The Four Percent Group

Four Percent is an online training course designed to show people how to make money online. It is run by Vick Strizheus, who served time in prison for insurance fraud before becoming famous through Empower Network (now defunct).

He possesses an impressive track record as Vick Strizheus net worth is over 20 million dollars.

This course equips students with the knowledge and tools to successfully launch and market an affiliate marketing business of their own, earning commissions by promoting products offered by Four Percent Group to others – something known as affiliate marketing which can be one of the best ways of making money online.

Four Percent offers various tiers, each providing different amounts of training and tools. Their flagship product, Four Percent Challenge, includes a free trial period before monthly fees are assessed thereafter

Four Percent offers more than training courses. In addition to community and tools, all members – even free ones – gain access to it and weekly live coaching calls with Vick.

Solo Ads are taught as the primary traffic method, however there are other strategies such as social media marketing that have proven highly successful in creating leads and sales with this system.

Vision and Mission

Four Percent is dedicated to equipping entrepreneurs with comprehensive digital marketing knowledge. As the fastest-growing community of modern businesspeople from over 120 nations worldwide, its vision and mission are clear.

Vick Strizheus, its founder, is an experienced product creator who excels at both e-commerce and internet marketing.

The company provides an online platform that enables online business owners to promote their products, services and affiliate programs. Furthermore, coaching services are provided to members along with various tools. Membership packages feature both free trial periods and pro lifetime upgrades.

Four Percent is unique among Other Educational Platforms because its members use digital marketing strategies to generate leads and earn commissions.

Vick’s training teaches entrepreneurs how to utilize sales funnels and other marketing tools for increasing income; additionally, their curriculum contains an in-depth guide for building a profitable business using social media and email campaigns.

The Four Percent Community offers more than information; it also serves as an intimate and safe learning and networking forum.

Their no-nonsense approach to making money and their focus on helping their members reach their goals are unparalleled; however, some members have voiced displeasure in private Facebook groups regarding Vick Strizheus’ promises which often go unfulfilled.

Founders and Experts

Are You New to Online Marketing? Four Percent Has You Covered! For those starting out online marketing for the first time, starting can seem intimidatingly complex and intimidatingly expensive.

Don’t panic though; these experts at Four Percent have created a system designed to get you off to a great start – from affiliate marketing and lead generation strategies through sales funnels and affiliate programs all the way through implementation strategies!

Vick Strizheus is the founder of Four Percent and claims to be one of the world’s most successful marketers, while his program serves as one of the most comprehensive online marketing curriculum available today.

Since then, he has admitted his mistakes and stated he’s learned from them, yet these controversies continue to leave a stain on his reputation.

Four Percent is a marketing platform dedicated to helping individuals make money online.

Their founders and experts are committed to helping members build strong foundations for their business; the key to their success lies with having the right mindset and strategy in place.

In addition, Four Percent’s team of customer service staff strive to deliver exceptional services.

Four Percent has developed a traffic blueprint to assist online business owners in driving more visitors to their website, though please remember this strategy will only work if your product or service meets certain quality criteria.

Are You New to Affiliate Marketing? Finding the Tools and Techniques Needed can be difficult at times.

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources online which can teach newcomers to affiliate marketing how to launch successful affiliate marketing campaigns – this may include webinars, podcasts, videos etc.

As with any endeavor, affiliate marketing requires time and dedication in order to see results. Without the dedication, success may elude you.

When selecting a niche that interests you for affiliate marketing purposes, be sure to develop an original marketing plan which sets yourself apart from competition.

Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Journey in 7 Days With The Affiliate Business System (ABS)

Embark on a transformative entrepreneurial experience with The Affiliate Business System , a revolutionary 7-day program designed by industry expert Vick. ABS transcends traditional courses by offering a comprehensive package that not only teaches but provides the tools to launch a fully-fledged affiliate marketing business.

The affiliate business hub promises a full Affiliate Marketing Business in a Box, featuring ready-to-sell products with up to 100% commission potential. Vick’s expert guidance unveils the secrets to crafting a business capable of generating a staggering $300,000 per month. The ESTAGE ecosystem serves as the technological backbone, ensuring a smooth and efficient business establishment process.

This program stands out with a practical marketing hub and interconnected sales funnels, guaranteeing a minimum monthly revenue of $10,000. Vick imparts advanced marketing strategies, giving participants a competitive edge in the affiliate marketing landscape.

One of ABS’s remarkable features is its ability to propel individuals from zero to $10,000 rapidly. The program seamlessly integrates with a syndicated live stream chat, fostering a community where affiliate marketers can interact, learn, and grow together.

Founded by Vick under the umbrella of the esteemed 4 Percent Group, The affiliate business system brings unparalleled expertise. Vick, a pioneer with over 18 years of experience, has a track record of over $100 million in affiliate marketing sales and has coached thousands to significant incomes. The 4 Percent Group’s philosophy focuses on the critical 4% of activities driving 96% of results, leading to dramatic breakthroughs in business and income goals.

With a thriving community of over 25,000 members in 50+ countries, the 4 Percent Group has earned acclaim as a premier affiliate marketing coaching platform. Affiliate Business System, a testament to its stellar leadership and proven training system, is changing lives by empowering individuals to achieve financial freedom through affiliate marketing. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality in just one week with the affiliate business hub.

What Are The Driving Forces Behind Four Percent’s Success

The Four Percent Group is one of the fastest-growing communities of business-minded people from over 120 nations worldwide, and provides its members with tools for becoming financially free, living abroad and becoming their own bosses.

The Four Percent Group provides its members with a key tool for earning income: affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers promote other businesses’ products or services online and receive commission when someone buys them; the company offers various training programs designed to teach affiliate marketers how to be effective affiliate marketers.

Though The 4% Group is an official business that does provide valuable information for students, you should know before joining. First and foremost, membership costs money – to take full advantage of everything it has to offer you will need to pay a membership fee each month.

The Four Percent Group requires significant upfront investments, not only due to its expense but also because they teach their students to use solo ads – which can cost hundreds per month and may prove challenging when first starting out online marketing.

Udimi offers this traffic source, making solo ads accessible for novices but posing a barrier when starting out in this realm of internet marketing.

Four Percent Group also encourages its students to rely on it as their sole source of income, which could become dangerous should the company go out of business or stop paying affiliates (as has happened previously), leading them to lose their livelihood and their student lives will suffer as a result.

Four Percent Membership Levels

Four Percent is a program for anyone serious about becoming an Internet Marketer, providing them with a clear path and supportive community in which to achieve their goals and how to earn money online in a legal fashion.

Four Percent is an affiliate 21 system designed to help beginners promote third-party products & services. Although ideal for beginners, Four Percent may become cost prohibitive over time.

Free Membership

The 4% Group is a training center dedicated to equipping modern entrepreneurs with all of the knowledge and tools needed for success as an Internet Marketer.

Their mission is equipping their members with all of the tools and skillset required for pursuing what is important in life – it is not simply an educational program but rather a lifestyle!

The free membership level offers you an ideal way to test out our system before committing full time, while also learning about affiliate marketing and starting earning an income immediately! There are some things you should keep in mind before enrolling, though.

First and foremost, you need to understand the difference between free and paid membership models.

A free membership model may be effective if your goal is to build community around paying members while creating value for them; additionally, free members may help generate data which helps identify which products to upsell and cross-sell.

Consider also the costs associated with training courses. They can be pricey, making it hard to justify when there are so many other alternatives out there; but, if you are willing to invest in your education it can be well worth your while.

The Four Percent Group is an excellent way for beginners to earn their first dollar online. While its educational platform is adequate, too much focus is put on pushing company content.

While they do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, due to the slow drip feed approach many will probably ask for their refund well beyond this date – something some may find troublesome. If this poses any concerns for you, perhaps exploring alternative training platforms might be more suitable.

Gold Membership

There are various levels of membership within the Four Percent group, each offering different access. While basic packages are free, to fully take advantage of its system and its courses you should consider upgrading to Gold membership; this option gives access to additional courses as well as marketing your business opportunities as well as weekly virtual calls and mentoring sessions.

Vick Strizheus, an affiliate marketer with over 15 years of experience, developed The Four Percent Group online training platform as an affiliate marketing educational course. His system equips students to master affiliate marketing and use traffic generation tools with ease.

It features various training modules tailored for beginners as well as experienced marketers alike and includes product-focused instruction designed to ease confusion or overwhelm during product learning processes.

If you want to become proficient at affiliate marketing, list building, traffic generation, communication, persuasion and e-commerce then this course is your starting point.

Through video lectures and webinars the course teaches participants how to build an online business while being instructed by top instructors from around the globe.

In addition to its training offerings, Four Percent Review also boasts an active community of entrepreneurs that provide mutual support and hold weekly virtual calls that serve as motivational boosts aimed at keeping members on a successful path towards achievement.

Their aim is simple – help their members succeed through taking steps on an easy route towards achieving their desired success!

Four Percent Group stands by its products with a 30-day money-back guarantee, though their training program is in a drip-feed format and you may not complete all training within that timeframe.

Furthermore, Gold Membership level includes access to state-of-the-art website builder ESTAGE which costs monthly fee and must be renewed periodically.

The Four Percent Group is not a scam and enjoys an excellent standing within the affiliate marketing industry.

Their legal team works to ensure all members comply with federal laws and regulations, with group founder Vick Strizheus being an established affiliate marketer who has won several major affiliate marketing contests over time.

Platinum Membership

Platinum membership of Four Percent Group membership provides you with the most benefits.

It includes access to personal coaches and additional resources that will assist in running an online business successfully, as well as accessing mastermind groups composed of other entrepreneurs to provide advice and support from fellow entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Platinum membership entitles you to attend both local and national events each year at no additional charge; its cost stands at $1,000 annually.

The 4% Group stands out from many high-ticket programs by providing a refund policy for single payments; however, subscription-based products such as memberships and Summit tickets are non-refundable.

Furthermore, its website contains content protected by copyright laws and intellectual property rights that is accessible for download; any modification, copying, reproduction, transmission, broadcasting display sale licensee or otherwise exploiting of this Content without prior written approval from Four Percent Group will result in legal action being taken against them by them.

The Four Percent Group is an online business platform offering education, training and community for entrepreneurs as a source of multiple streams of income (MSI).

Established by Vick Strizheus – creator of the Affiliate Business System and The Seven Steps To Freedom – The Four Percent Group’s goal is to empower people towards success by offering education, training and community.

The Four Percent Group provides an incredible opportunity for those seeking to make money working from home. Though their high-ticket program requires spending significant sums upfront, if you invest both your time and effort it could pay dividends down the road.

Their training teaches how to start profitable online businesses using techniques such as affiliate marketing and creating funnels; plus social media marketing for brand recognition and sales growth.


Four Percent is a system designed to teach you how to make money online through affiliate promotion. Additionally, this program includes tools like autoresponders, tracking software and web hosting which make getting started much simpler. Although designed for beginner marketers it can easily adapt to any business model.

Start or advance your career with ease, this program offers everything you need to know about operating an internet marketing business, along with all of the tools necessary for its success.

If you are not completely satisfied with a course, refund requests can be submitted within seven days. It’s important to remember, though, that this refund policy doesn’t cover coaching sessions or live events; also the Four Percent Group isn’t designed for everyone; rather it caters to people with strong inner drives willing to put forth effort towards meeting their goals.

Becoming a Four Percent Member and Promotional Partner (affiliate) is free, enabling you to earn commissions on all 4 Percent products, public webinars and funnels as well as 3rd party tools and programs promoted within our Eco-System by simply placing your affiliate link within each tool or program’s backoffice.

The Four Percent Challenge provides its members with daily training that details exactly what to do, in bite sized chunks so that you never feel overwhelmed or confused. Affiliate marketers will find success through The Four Percent Challenge more easily than ever!

Four Percent Core Training Modules

Four Percent affiliate marketing teaches people to promote online marketing tools through sales funnels for commissions – an ethical business model.

Vick Strizheus claims that the Four Percent Group boasts more than 24,000 students from 130 nations. To meet this demand, Vick has created the 4% Success Challenge; an array of tested and revised marketing sessions.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals – Four Percent Review

The Four Percent training modules focus on affiliate marketing, which is when you promote another person’s products or services and earn a commission for every new customer that comes through your referral link. This differs from traditional e-commerce where products are purchased then sold separately online.

It provides students with an all-encompassing curriculum for honing digital marketing skills and abilities. Courses offered include Understanding Consumers; Digital Marketing Fundamentals and an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy Module, while students may customize their learning experience by selecting specialist option modules.

Silver membership costs $297 annually and gives access to many courses such as the 7 Steps to Freedom and Mass Traffic Blueprint courses as well as weekly live group calls with Vick and an active Facebook community of 27,000+ members.

For advanced courses such as Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy Module or Sales Conversion Optimization Strategy Module you must upgrade to Gold membership; there is a 30-day free trial so that if the membership doesn’t suit you then cancellation can occur without incurring penalties or fees.

Internet Traffic Mastery

Attracting visitors to your website is unquestionably one of the most critical steps of digital marketing campaigns, as without it it would be impossible to build a list, engage audiences or make sales. Unfortunately, attracting people can also be one of the hardest and time-consuming tasks.

If you want to generate traffic to your eLearning business, knowing how to effectively and sustainably drive it requires effective planning. In this course we’ll examine several long-term sustainable strategies designed to attract and keep visitors on your website.

Traffic Generation Strategies training module shows you how to create a keyword strategy that will drive organic search traffic to your eLearning website on an ongoing basis.

Although it’s tempting to focus on short, high-volume keywords, long-tail ones tend to be far more effective at drawing targeted visitors directly to your site – with the proper tools and techniques in place, targeting long tail keywords quickly improves SEO performance.

Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok can also be an invaluable source of traffic generation. By posting catchy videos that pique viewer interest in your product or service – using targeted and qualified audiences – these channels allow for highly targeted visits to your website.

Webinars can be an excellent way to generate traffic for B2B marketers. According to research from Webinar Care, 55% of webinar attendees convert into leads; by including an opt-in offer in your webinar presentation, these leads can quickly turn into customers and revenue.

Implementing small tactics that signal Google and users that your content is up-to-date and relevant are proven ways of increasing traffic. Simply add “last updated” dates or use the current year in page titles – these simple changes show Google that your posts or pages are fresh, timely, and authoritative.

All these traffic-generating tips are designed to put your content in front of its intended target audiences and generate leads and sales. With the knowledge you gain in this course, you’ll be able to begin using these strategies immediately to increase traffic to your eLearning website and boost profits.

Conversion Optimization

This course covers fundamental CRO concepts like hypothesises, tests and prioritization that can make an enormous difference to business profits. It is self-paced and includes a certificate upon completion.

*Note: Each course module features “knowledge check” questions designed to assess your understanding, yet do not factor into quizzes or exams grades. 4 Percent offers free promotional partnerships so members can promote all Four Percent products, public webinars and even 3rd party tools and programs using their affiliate link; thus enabling you to earn commissions on business earnings!

Sales and Funnels

An effective sales funnel is essential to turning visitors into customers, but creating one requires training from experts in sales strategies and techniques to help businesses win at each sales funnel stage. There are training programs that offer this expertise.

These training programs provide comprehensive learning content, including quizzes and modules designed to develop students’ selling skills. Participants in such programs may gain knowledge on creating lead magnets, building conversion pages and setting up effective email sequences – depending on which course is taken.

The course also equips students to generate leads using social media and other marketing channels, with its aim being to build an efficient sales funnel that converts visitors to sales. Students learn the significance of analyzing a website’s customer journey to maximize chances of creating sales opportunities.

Additionally, this training program equips students to utilize online sales tools like CRMs, live chat software and automated webinar platforms. Furthermore, it outlines effective sales presentations while tracking each campaign’s success through an implementation system.

Most companies now divide their sellers into different roles with distinct responsibilities and goals that require distinct skill sets. It is therefore imperative to select an online sales training program tailored specifically to each seller’s responsibilities and objectives; Funnel Clarity evaluates these factors in order to provide tailored recommendations for every seller.

Salesloft’s comprehensive sales engagement platform supports every stage of the sales funnel from beginning to end. Intended to simulate the buying experience, this solution equips sellers with all the insight and personalization necessary to maximize each opportunity – increasing closing ratios while simultaneously increasing pipeline volume with higher conversion rates – helping them meet or surpass their sales goals.

Four Percent’s training may seem odd at first glance; you are taught how to promote their products instead of learning any actual coding languages, but it can have its advantages.

By referring new members into the course and earning commission for every successful referral made – an effective way of earning extra income at home that can work alongside any full-time job you may already be undertaking.

Four Percent Success Stories

Four Percent was founded to educate individuals on affiliate marketing as an effective and legitimate business model with an outstanding track record on Trust Pilot.

However, Vick Strizheus does have a dubious past – having participated in Empower Network program and being charged with insurance fraud can raise suspicion that his latest project might be fraudulent.

Real-Life Success Stories

15k positive trustpilot reviews

The Four Percent Challenge is an online program which promises to teach users how to make money through affiliate marketing, building sales funnels and getting traffic.

There is also a free community and weekly live coaching calls with Vick Strizheus available as part of this challenge; however there may be some serious red flags associated with this course.

No one disputes that many who claim they’ve made money through the Four Percent Challenge are lying.

While they might make some income through training alone, most of it comes from promoting the program itself and creating hype about its benefits. As with any program that you may want to join, do your research first before making your commitment.

Vick Strizheus has an impressive background in Internet marketing. He created several high ticket programs including Global Success Club, 7 Figure Marketing School, High Traffic Academy and Big Idea Mastermind; additionally he led Empower Network before it was ultimately shut down by the FTC for operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

Vick’s program emphasizes teaching students to become successful affiliate marketers.

His curriculum covers email marketing, social media management and Facebook ads as well as email management courses and training on these subjects.

Four Percent has also created a private Facebook group of over 27,000 members and weekly live calls with Vick that are both great features compared to similar affiliate marketing courses but unfortunately also costly.

Additionally, this program includes a “done for you” sales funnel designed specifically to promote the Four Percent Challenge. Although this may seem counterproductive at first, you’ll be forced to promote this specific program instead of others.

This program also contains many affiliate links that can be confusing or misleading for newcomers, leading them into disarray and lacking trust in them. Luckily, this can easily be resolved using affiliate tracking software.

Before joining the Four Percent Challenge, be sure to read reviews from other users before making your decision.

While positive reviews exist, it’s also essential that you read about any negative ones as this will give a complete picture of what the program entails before deciding.

With any luck, this review of Four Percent Challenge will help guide your decision and give your business the edge it needs to thrive!

Case Studies

Vick Strizheus runs The 4% Challenge program as an entrepreneur and business coach, teaching his students how to become successful online entrepreneurs through affiliate marketing.

Although its price point might seem steep, the training program appears legitimate enough as many of its users have written positive reviews about it on Trust Pilot.

The course begins with a free set of pre-recorded videos covering every aspect of affiliate marketing.

This gives an excellent introduction and overview to help determine whether this course is right for you; plus it comes complete with plenty of tips and tricks for an easier journey ahead!

After offering free videos, the program goes further into detail on how to make money through affiliate marketing through case studies and real-life examples of successful affiliates.

Case studies can be an excellent way to grasp a program and see how it applies directly to your own business – this can especially come in handy for newcomers to affiliate marketing as it provides guidance as they get underway with affiliate marketing.

One of the unique elements of this program is its emphasis on overcoming mental obstacles to success, making it stand out from most online business programs.

Vick emphasizes believing in yourself first before expecting anyone else to believe in you as well – an excellent message applicable in many different aspects of your life, not only business.

Students participating in this program are strongly encouraged to create a community of like-minded individuals, sharing resources and supporting each other in order to keep motivation levels high and foster accountability. Furthermore, this active and welcoming environment makes an excellent platform from which to grow businesses.

In addition to training, The 4% Challenge provides many resources and tools that can assist your business.

These include webinars, templates and articles; with webinars offering an excellent way of networking with other entrepreneurs while sharing experiences of your own – both audio and video versions are offered so you can select the one which best meets your needs.

The Four Percent Challenge is an excellent option for anyone seeking to become an entrepreneur and work from home.

This program features video training, coaching services, private Facebook group access and technical support; its only drawback being its cost; however it could prove invaluable for making online entrepreneurship a success!

This program features video training, coaching services, private Facebook group access and technical support; its only drawback being its cost; however it could prove invaluable for making online entrepreneurship a success!


Four Percent’s courses emphasize both marketing and self-development, with particular attention being given to self-awareness and personal transformation through the Success Challenge program.

A key goal of the Success Challenge is helping participants become world-class humans, which requires developing a strong mindset by emphasizing ones strengths while working to overcome weaknesses – an area in which Four Percent’s courses excels.

With proven results helping students meet their goals effectively.

One area that has caused Four Percent some distress is their use of testimonials, which while useful, are sometimes exaggerated or seem false.

However, these testimonials should be seen as part of a larger marketing campaign for Four Percent’s affiliate marketing course which seeks to help people make money online through affiliate marketing.

Four Percent is one of several high ticket marketing systems currently available, and founder Vick Strizheus has been involved with many others such as 7 Figure Marketing School, Global Success Club and High Traffic Academy – plus top leadership roles within Empower Network. Affiliate programs promoted via Clickbank tend to be very profitable while some systems may even involve pyramid schemes or fraud.

Four Percent is still a legitimate business that provides valuable training for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Their courses cover marketing, personal development and online moneymaking strategies. Furthermore, all purchases come with a 60-day money back guarantee while newcomers can even sign up for a free basic account so they can experience it for themselves.

The Four Percent website boasts of being the fastest-growing community/training platform for teaching aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers how to increase business performance online.

Their flagship course teaches how to create marketing funnels and earn commissions by promoting other people’s products; social proof videos from Vick can also be found here, along with an extensive library of articles on various entrepreneurship-related subjects.

Four Percent Community and Support 

Four Percent is a community of extraordinary top performers that collaborate to achieve monumental success. Their aim is to offer 10X returns on your investment of time, energy and money.

Four Percent offers training in affiliate marketing, but most of it focuses on how to promote Four Percent itself – creating dependency and risk for you as an affiliate marketer.

Engaging with the Four Percent Community

Four Percent offers two courses taught by Vick Strizheus that are completely free, along with access to their private Facebook community and weekly live group coaching calls with Vick. However, in order to access other training (Mass Traffic Blueprint and 7 Steps To Freedom), their premium membership must be purchased.

Four Percent is built upon affiliate marketing, whereby you promote their training and earn commission for every successful referral.

If this sounds appealing to you, take the time to investigate the community before making your commitment. Be wary that there could be hidden issues within.

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities

cool holographic network image

Four Percent’s goal is more than simply training. Their mission is to enable their members to find success as independent contractors; that is, training them to promote Four Percent training programs and services and earn commissions through sales generated.

Affiliate marketing is common within internet marketing; Vick Strizheus has had some success using it before; however there can be drawbacks as well.

First and foremost, Four Percent’s business model isn’t particularly scalable.

Most collaborative groups were comprised of an array of partners, typically 11-30 (Table 1). Most active partners consisted of health departments (83%), school districts (75%), municipalities (66%), and government agencies (61%).

Other forms of collaborations included universities (35%), businesses (42%), land use planning agencies (28%), and transportation agencies (24%). Many collaboratives hosted community advisory councils, engaged elected officials or staff directly, and offered written advocacy efforts.

Access to Expert Guidance and Assistance

Vick Strizheus offers online marketing courses which he claims can help people make at least $5,000 monthly in affiliate commissions. His course promises coaching through private Facebook groups and hosting weekly live calls for his students.

However, many members of the group feel shortchanged by him and accuse him of being a fraudster.

They allege he makes large promises to students only to never deliver on them or hold back commissions and refunds due to them not fulfilling on his promises.

Though he offers a 30-day money back guarantee on single payments, subscription based products like training or membership plans do not.

Furthermore, his courses tend to be more costly compared to similar affiliate marketing training programs.

Accountability and Progress Tracking

The Four Percent Community offers its members numerous accountability and progress tracking opportunities, such as regular accountability calls, encouraging emails, push notifications to encourage daily movement, as well as a safe space in which to ask questions of experts in various fields and receive their responses.

If you become successful at promoting Four Percent trainings and affiliates are dependent on Four Percent as their source of income – should the company decide to stop selling products altogether or shortchange affiliates – which has happened previously – you could find yourself left without anything at all.

Note that training provided by Four Percent Group typically is paid for through recurring payments; thus refunds for individual payments can only be given on one-off transactions while any ongoing payments cannot be returned for refund.

Four Percent Events and Workshops

Participate in in-person or hybrid events featuring digital elements, and take advantage of enhanced attendee profiling and ROI measurement capabilities. You may also find this type of event allows greater experimentation with new formats.

Red Brick Rewards can be earned by participating in live workshops or viewing recordings online, and by signing in to The Hub with your organization’s entity account to access The Hub to create credits.

Connecting with Industry Experts and Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

No matter your level of experience in business, connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs is key.

Attending industry events and joining industry groups are great ways to do just this; such groups provide partners and mentors who can offer support as well as opportunities to network and build relationships that can only help your venture.

When networking, make sure you bring plenty of business cards and an elevator pitch that will leave an unforgettable first impression with potential connections. Furthermore, follow-up with new contacts after the event – this will keep them top-of-mind while giving you the chance to discuss topics relevant to them.

One effective way of connecting with other entrepreneurs is joining an online forum or community.

Joining such groups can be invaluable to entrepreneurs, helping you expand your network while meeting like-minded individuals as well as learn about trends and techniques in digital marketing.

Vick Strizheus created Four Percent as an affiliate marketing training program designed to equip modern-day entrepreneurs with all of the skills and tools required for success in business, while its courses focus on those new to working online.

Before purchasing Four Percent programs, individuals should carefully weigh its costs and benefits. The company provides a 30-day refund policy on its programs but this doesn’t apply to subscription based payments or event tickets.

Dive Deeper into Specific Digital Marketing Topics

Vick Strizheus’ Four Percent workshops provide comprehensive training for those new to affiliate marketing, creating online brands or starting businesses. Hear advice from traffic mastermind Vick Strizheus about what tools and skillset you’ll need in this highly-competitive marketplace.

Furthermore, members of the private community have reported issues with Vick’s programs; furthermore he is well known to treat his students poorly.

Seminars run by Carroll cover various digital marketing topics such as SEO, social media and email marketing – not only training sessions.

Furthermore, these highly interactive seminars allow you to interact with industry experts and other entrepreneurs – for instance a recent workshop covered Yelp’s new features that enable small-business owners to respond directly to positive customer reviews – attendees found this session very informative and left ready to enhance their profiles on Yelp!

Networking Opportunities

Networking can be an invaluable way to meet new people and forge relationships in your professional life. Networking opportunities range from industry conferences and events, social media interactions and social gatherings – it is key that you find one that suits your needs!

Many business professionals attend networking events to network with others in their industry and stay abreast of current trends.

These events, often sponsored by businesses or trade associations, give professionals a great opportunity to meet potential clients as well as learn about digital marketing trends from fellow professionals in attendance.

Furthermore, networking events provide an excellent place for meeting like-minded colleagues from other fields who may also share similar goals.

Additionally, learning from networking events, reading articles and blogs related to industry trends, attending webinars or workshops focused on digital marketing topics (these events tend to be free or inexpensive) will also provide you with valuable knowledge that you can take back into your business.

Participate in online discussion forums and community activities to expand networking opportunities. Participating can help build up your reputation as someone knowledgeable on a particular subject who other members can depend on, helping expand your network further while potentially leading to job or business deals in the future.

Increase your networking opportunities by connecting with others in the community through events held at local libraries, parks, and churches.

These informal gatherings can provide an ideal chance to meet new people while volunteering is also rewarding and worthwhile! To further expand networking possibilities you may want to consider signing up with local volunteer organizations as they often offer rewarding experiences that you won’t forget in a hurry!

Make networking easier by attending networking events with another business owner or attending mentoring programs which match you with experienced business owners who can serve as networking buddies and provide tips.

Personalized Coaching

Personalised coaching is an effective approach to training frontline employees. It increases engagement and results in a skilled workforce that is up to 21% more productive, increasing morale while making retention of top performers more likely.

Empowered frontline teams are essential to providing excellent customer experience, yet only 25-30% of service businesses utilizing personalized coaching as part of their L&D strategy, according to a recent study.

This could represent a key opportunity for these companies to enhance customer experiences while increasing employee retention rates.

To create an effective workshop, it’s essential to understand how each individual learns. Some individuals process information better when listening to a speaker rather than reading about it; others prefer hands-on activities, like case studies and discussions, in order to absorb the knowledge.

Furthermore, having a clear purpose and how it will benefit each participant are also key. It is also key that practical tasks be included so participants can immediately apply what they have gained from attending the workshop.

At Four Percent Community, you’ll find an assortment of courses and events.

Perhaps one of the most sought-after events are Vick Laframboise’s weekly virtual calls which provide entrepreneurs with highly motivating sessions with like-minded peers while sharing tips.

Plus they provide advice for marketing and sales strategies!

The company provides a free basic-level account, giving access to several courses such as 7 Steps to Freedom and Mass Traffic Blueprint, plus membership of the Four Percent Facebook group with over 27,000+ members. Furthermore, all members – even those without paid accounts – participate in weekly live group coaching calls.

The company provides a 30-day refund policy on purchases that do not renew automatically or subscription-based products such as Summit and event tickets, though customer support remains strong with both email and phone support available to their clients.

Four Percent Affiliate Program

Four Percent claims to provide one of the world’s most comprehensive affiliate marketing training programs, giving free members access to both an exclusive Facebook community and weekly live group calls with Vick.

Joining will also grant you access to third-party tools, like ClickMagick and GetResponse, that you can promote via the EcoSystem back office.

Earning Passive Income

The Four Percent Affiliate Program is a training program that equips members with the knowledge to generate passive income through digital marketing businesses.

Members gain access to training videos, community discussions and tools within this membership-based platform that offers passive income-generation.

Members also learn how to start and run their own digital marketing businesses as training videos provide useful tips and advice for starting an online venture; plus it serves as a great place for sharing thoughts.

Vick Strizheus is an established online entrepreneur. This course teaches its members how to make more money selling other people’s products and services online, providing guidance as needed from Vick through videos, email courses and live events.

Training takes the form of videos, email courses and live events hosted by him as part of its curriculum. The membership can make money selling other people’s goods and services online!

After joining the Four Percent Affiliate Program, you will receive your own unique URL that allows you to promote digital products sold by the company.

When someone clicks your link and purchases one of the products sold by Four Percent, a commission will be earned – this link can be shared across social media sites, websites and e-mail campaigns for maximum exposure!

The company offers various training programs as well as third-party products like Aweber and ClickFunnels so that your promotion efforts can pay off handsomely!

One of the keys to successful affiliate marketing lies in understanding your target audience. The Four Percent Affiliate Program will assist in helping you identify your ideal customers and find ways to reach them – plus it features webinars you can participate in!

Even with all its flaws, Four Percent Affiliate Program remains an invaluable starting point for those wanting to learn how to make money online.

Through affiliate marketing and its various avenues of profit-generation, users are given an insight into making real money in online markets – something which they can apply in their own business venture.

Benefits and Commission Structure

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept: when you promote 3rd-party products or services and earn commissions whenever sales occur through your affiliate link, making this a legitimate way for many people to make money online.

Training provided for newcomers focuses heavily on affiliate marketing while simultaneously pushing Four Percent Group products; thus creating a potential conflict of interest which cannot be overlooked.

The training does have some useful content, but it does not cover every aspect of affiliate marketing. Key topics such as search engine optimization (SEO) and how to generate traffic are left out; while this shouldn’t be seen as a deal breaker, keep it in mind as there may be other affiliate marketing courses out there which provide more comprehensive coverage of these topics.

Another key consideration is the commission structure. As a Four Percent Member, you’re entitled to earn commissions on all digital products provided by the company as well as third-party programs you promote via the backoffice – such as ClickFunnels and Aweber.

Once you become a Four Percent member, you will receive your own unique URL that can be shared across social media or email campaigns. When someone clicks your link and signs up as a Four Percent member via it, you will earn commissions on their first purchase as well as future ones they make through it.

Commission rates on Amazon affiliate programs tend to be slightly higher than other affiliate programs.

If you can assemble enough members into your team, this program can produce decent income; however, one of the greatest challenges of marketing via this form lies in driving quality traffic towards your website; without that capability it will be very hard for any merchants to make any significant profits at all.

Exploring the Opportunities

The Four Percent Group provides entrepreneurs and business owners with a selection of training programs and tools designed to assist with building and expanding their businesses, such as videos on cutting-edge marketing strategies and courses and tools to increase traffic growth.

They also have an affiliate program where members can earn commission on sales made.

On joining the Four Percent Group, you will be provided with an exclusive URL that can be shared across social media or websites. When someone clicks your URL and purchases something offered by Four Percent Group, commissions will be earned based on total product price sold.

To get started promoting products from Four Percent Group, first become a free member and complete all necessary affiliate marketing tasks.

After this step has been taken, accessing your Four Percent back office dashboard’s Marketplace should provide access to any number of products that you would like to promote as well as various promotional tools like banners, email swipes and video ads that can assist in doing just that.=

One major downside of Four Percent Group is its product-centricity. As such, the training provided does not provide as many advantages compared to other affiliate marketing programs; students usually focus on promoting Four Percent itself and become dependent on them for income if either Vick Strizheus discontinues operations or his affiliates do not get their payments as promised.

Affiliate Success Stories

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, Four Percent Group could be an excellent starting point.

Their training and coaching will teach you how to build websites, promote third-party products such as ClickFunnels, Aweber & NameCheap as well as Four Percent Group digital products, plus earn commissions when sales of those digital products occur.

But for full-time income generation from affiliate marketing businesses such as this one you’ll require much greater investments of time and money into it – more time and money will need be put in.

Traffic generation is the cornerstone of online businesses and affiliate marketing is no exception.

Newcomers may find traffic generation challenging; it requires hard work, patience and perseverance in order to make progress. But with Four Percent Group training at your side you could improve your skills quickly while generating quality traffic streams.

As soon as you sign up for the program, you will gain instantaneous access to certain training courses such as The Four Percent Challenge and Mass Traffic Blueprint – these courses are free but you may need to invest additional funds in order to maximize your earnings potential.

As part of the Four Percent, you may qualify to receive 40% commissions on all products you share from them – affiliate links can be found in your back office’s “Promotional Partners” section and two active referrals must exist for this to happen.

The Four Percent Group prides itself on being a “one-stop-shop for all things related to online business”.

They offer training, tools, resources, and connections that will assist your entrepreneurial endeavours and bring out your best self. Ultimately, The Four Percent is focused on creating the ideal version of yourself that will attract maximum success into your life.

Essential Digital Marketing Resources and Software

Joining The Four Percent Group gives you access to an in-depth digital marketing program with training materials, webinars, and live workshops geared toward both newcomers and seasoned marketers alike. No matter your experience level or marketing objectives, Four Percent can tailor a program specifically tailored for you!

Vick Strizheus is an esteemed internet marketer renowned for his expertise in traffic generation and conversion optimization. His platform was created with modern entrepreneurs in mind to teach them all of the details required to succeed online.

Not to be forgotten is Vick’s involvement with other high-ticket programs, including 7 Figure Marketing School, Global Success Club and High Traffic Academy.

Four Percent’s courses may have a steep price tag, but most include valuable extras such as private community access, coaching support and technical assistance.

You can even find free or inexpensive programs to test the waters before committing to full subscription. But be mindful when researching whether each program is worth your money before making your choice.

Templates and Swipe Files

A swipe file is a collection of tried and true advertising or sales materials kept by creative professionals to use as inspiration.

Copywriters often refer to them for inspiration when writing new copy, while marketers may refer to them when crafting social media posts or email templates. The idea behind a swipe file is to save time by borrowing tactics used in successful campaigns which resonated with audiences.

Though there are already existing swipe files online, we recommend creating your own to ensure it reflects your audience and industry. An intuitive tool with tags and search functions will enable you to quickly locate relevant resources when needed.

The best swipe file tools are collaborative, so sharing and accessing examples are easy. Furthermore, these platforms should support screenshot uploads so that even if a post goes offline you can still keep the example alive.

We advise searching for tools which enable labeling and categorization by category for maximum efficiency.

If you’re on the search for great copywriting, label your swipes according to what kind of writing style you need – whether funny, informative, concise, or outrageous. This will enable you to quickly identify examples that have the potential of becoming viral hits.

A swipe file can be an indispensable asset when it comes to creative brainstorming for anything from ads and blogs to blog headlines and social media content creation.

Maintaining an active and well-maintained social media swipe file will keep your team informed on trends while helping ensure brand consistency through brand appropriate posts.

Ideally, your swipe file could even serve as the basis of a style guide which they can refer back to when posting new material.

The Four Percent Group Coaching and Mentorship

Talent development within an organizational community relies heavily on mentorship and sponsorship – two relationships that promote development, encourage engagement, and foster perceptions of equity in advancement opportunities.

As the economy recovers and disengagement rates rise, leaders must devise new ways to reengage employees. Mentorship programs may provide the answer.

Personal Coaching

Coaching at its core consists of one-on-one guidance from a mentor or coach, often offered through formal programs where mentor and mentee have defined goals and schedules, structured curriculum training for both mentor and mentee, evaluation processes and assessments have all been built into these types of programs.

Studies have revealed how mentored individuals often achieve better results than non-mentored ones through these initiatives.

Group mentorship programs provide another form of mentoring; here, groups of students or professionals meet regularly to discuss their research and professional development needs, in an effort to foster an environment which allows for successful student advancement in research and careers.

According to recent studies, peer mentors may provide as much or more benefit than faculty mentors – these types of group mentoring relationships may even offer psychosocial support or enable vicarious learning!

Mentorship takes many different forms, all with the common aim of helping mentees meet their personal and professional goals.

Some types of mentoring occur between friends or family members while other forms may take the form of formal programs with goals, schedules and training for both mentors and mentees; values-oriented mentoring programs often focus more heavily on values-related mentoring while vocational- or career-related mentorship programs can also offer assistance.

Research on mentoring has traditionally followed a dyadic model in which mentor and mentee work as an interdependent pair.

This approach has been employed in apprenticeship environments such as undergraduate and graduate research projects, clinical internships/ residencies/ professional organizations/ academic programs; classrooms/laboratories for teaching; formal education such as standardized tests/ graduation ceremonies.

Other forms of mentorship such as group or online coaching may also prove effective, and can complement other forms of mentoring such as dyadic mentoring. These approaches could even be combined for maximum results!

An investigation of Ph.D. students participating in research groups demonstrated that they derived equal benefit from both peers and coaches as they did from faculty mentors.

This type of mentoring is considered a hybrid structure; further study must be conducted to ascertain if its effects are similar to dyadic mentoring on student research and career outcomes.

Other researchers have explored mentoring networks, where mentees utilize multiple sources of mentoring in addition to the two-on-two mentoring they receive from their mentor(s) (figure 4-1, panel D). Such networks may increase the availability of support and information for mentees.

Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs for new hires help ensure they gain the skills needed for success, while showing your company values professional development. Employees are more likely to stay with your organization if they see that it invests in their growth and encourages them to seize all opportunities for advancement.

Mentorship programs can be more impactful than simply training courses because they give employees real-life examples of how to develop professionally while building strong bonds among team members.

New employees seek this kind of support, making mentorship programs an effective way of recruiting top talent and increasing employee retention rates.

Mentorship programs can also help your organization meet its diversity and inclusion goals by engaging employees from underrepresented groups in participating.

This can create a stronger team better equipped to cope with challenges, and help reduce employee turnover rates; according to CNBC/SurveyMonkey research disengaged employees cost organizations 18% of their salary with replacement cost exceeding two times that amount!

To make the most of a mentoring program, it’s essential that it features an organized structure with clearly-stated goals for mentors and mentees alike.

You should provide participants with a platform for communication between participants so they can offer each other support while keeping commitments made by both sides.

A formal mentorship program also provides more structure and accountability than informal methods, which may prove challenging to those newer to the process.

One of the greatest challenges associated with mentoring programs is matching mentors and mentees appropriately.

A successful mentoring relationship requires having a thorough understanding of each participant’s goals and expectations as well as an openness to adapt to different learning styles. A program manager may be invaluable for managing any issues that may arise throughout this process.

Key components of any mentoring program include training mentors and mentees as well as creating an evaluation system to gauge its success and identify any areas for improvement.

Furthermore, promotion should take place across your organization to increase participation and ensure maximum effectiveness from this initiative.

An effective mentoring program can make an enormous difference in the health sciences community, especially when it addresses diversity and inclusion issues.

By encouraging faculty members from various disciplines to form mentorship relationships across departments/divisions, it can foster a culture of mentoring excellence within departments/divisions.

DMDs may host quarterly meetings with their delegates and department/division faculty to share best practices as well as discuss any challenges or solutions.

Access to Experienced Mentors for Accelerated Growth

As a business, mentoring can be included as part of your employee development programs and workplace learning initiatives.

Mentoring has numerous advantages such as decreasing employee turnover rates, improving job satisfaction levels and increasing promotion chances; in addition, it’s a fantastic way of helping employees find more purpose in their work while increasing productivity.

Mentorship can be an effective means of developing intangible skills like leadership and business acumen, while simultaneously expanding core competencies like customer service and product innovation.

Mentoring programs provide a great way for companies to identify future leaders as well as reduce the costs associated with new hire training.

A formal mentorship program can match mentees and mentors according to several critical criteria, including professional interests, demographics, geographic location, human interest factors (e.g. hobbies or lifestyle), personality values and learning orientation.

By taking into account such criteria when making their matchups, formal mentoring programs help ensure both parties feel at ease during initial encounters – making the relationship more likely to succeed and last over time.

Businesses can supplement formal mentoring programs with informal peer-to-peer mentoring activities.

This may take the form of informal gatherings to group activities like workshops and panels; all can help employees learn from and collaborate with their peers resulting in greater engagement, creativity, and collaboration among members of your team.

Mentorship often occurs without formal mentoring programs and emerges naturally when one party seeks out another for guidance in an area of expertise.

Here, both mentee and mentor will form an easy rapport due to a shared desire to expand knowledge and expertise; sometimes this type of mentoring also becomes mutually beneficial as both can gain from one another’s experiences.

Mentorship models can be especially useful for institutions of higher education facing reduced funding and competition for resources, as it can allow faculty members to develop their research or teaching abilities while strengthening institutional culture and sustainability.

Online and offline sources exist for finding mentors. Two popular examples are LinkedIn, which allows users to search for individuals with specific skill sets; and Twitter, with over 300 million active users providing an open platform for discussions around career growth and motivation.

There are also communities dedicated to helping others meet their goals successfully such as Four Percent Coaching and Mentorship which offers training materials for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as hosting live coaching calls each week.

Four Percent Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community dedicated to coaching its members into becoming independent entrepreneurs. Offering webinars and subject-based video tutorials, Jaaxy serves as their keyword research tool of choice.

Their marketing pages make several unverifiable and unverifiable claims about website building speed; such as, they claim a site can be completed in 34 seconds.


Four Percent Group can be quite costly, but may be well worth your while if you can afford it.

However, if financial circumstances prevent making this investment then perhaps another online business training program would be more suitable – saving both time and money while learning to build an established online business.

Vick Strizheus, the program’s creator, is an engaging speaker with a strong following. He promises his program can help you earn between $10,000 to $100,000 monthly with some hard work and diligence; however, because there are so many scams online marketing sector it is wise to select your program with care.

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform that will assist in the creation of your own website and blog, with step-by-step instructions designed specifically for beginners. Plus, they have an SEO tool and keyword tool which are both essential. Unfortunately, though, a monthly fee must be paid.

An effective way to evaluate whether or not a platform is worth its price is to compare it with similar platforms.

For instance, Solo Build It! and Wealthy Affiliate can be evaluated against each other by comparing their websites’ traffic levels via Alexa, SimilarWeb and SEMRush; see charts below for how each platform performs in these three areas.

Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that you can reach its CEO, Kyle Loudon, by phone and email at any time – this shows just how much Wealthy Affiliate values its members!

Wealthy Affiliate’s key advantage is its low learning curve and versatility for any type of marketer.

In addition to providing tools, this platform also offers training in SEO and digital marketing – as well as regularly updated content from knowledgeable instructors who provide helpful instruction.

Lastly, Wealthy Affiliate offers webinars which teach newcomers how to optimize their websites.


Four Percent is an online community where its members learn how to build websites for themselves.

Members also meet other like-minded individuals and benefit from each other’s expertise as they form new friendships and connections in this interactive setting.

There are also various free resources available including training on starting businesses online or affiliate marketing strategies; making Four Percent an excellent way of exploring how the internet works while making money online!

Training includes webinars and subject-based video tutorials on various subjects. There are also several specialized training courses, such as SEO (search engine optimization), content creation and list building – as well as covering social media marketing strategies such as persuasion or e-commerce.

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of online marketing, Four Percent Group also teaches how to build a website quickly – in less than 24 hours!

Their course covers everything from selecting a domain name and setting up your account through to setting up navigation and using WordPress for managing and integrating it with social media and email marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate offers an all-encompassing approach to online marketing, with an emphasis on driving traffic and revenue through SEO/affiliate marketing.

Their intermediate level course specializes in finding profitable niche markets to target with websites designed to generate sustainable income.

Training includes video training, live coaching sessions, private community access and technical support services – everything needed for sustainable success online marketing!

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is highly effective and comprehensive, but some have raised concerns with its company.

Many complaints revolve around Wealthy Affiliate’s tendency to promote itself over its products and services, leading to misleading claims and reviews being given more weight than they should.

Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate frequently fails to deliver on promises made – for example many members in Vick’s community have voiced displeasure regarding his promise of launching “Coop” training program soon enough.

While Wealthy Affiliate offers much for members to consider before making decisions, one should tread cautiously when making decisions as to which company best suits you before making decisions.


Four Percent is an online community of people dedicated to supporting each other in their quest to make money online.

As one of the Internet’s largest hubs, Four Percent provides tools such as video tutorials and live webinars to get newcomers up-and-running quickly with online marketing.

There’s even a forum where members can post questions for answers – plus weekly webinars and live chats designed specifically to assist your business growth!

Four Percent offers comprehensive training designed to help people make money online through SEO, social media and affiliate marketing.

Their free training covers multiple topics related to these disciplines such as SEO, social media and affiliate marketing

Scams on the Internet abound, but there are ways to protect yourself. For instance, if you want to become an affiliate marketer, make sure you choose an affiliate network which is trustworthy so as to not fall prey to scams while building your business.

Before joining any company, do your research. Read reviews by other people to gain an idea of their experiences; also research its track record to ensure its legitimacy.

Wealthy Affiliate promises success (without providing evidence of it) yet consistently fails to deliver it. Their marketing materials are filled with false claims such as creating a successful site in 34 seconds!

That should raise an alarm. Ideally, you should look for legitimate businesses online that will generate steady streams of income that save both time and money in the long run.


Four Percent has a global community with members from every continent. Members are friendly and offer training and tools that will get you started in affiliate marketing, including their 4% Success Challenge that provides step-by-step lessons on making money with affiliate marketing.

Four percent’s training is delivered mainly via webinars and video tutorials. It promotes Jaaxy – which is not particularly impressive – as a keyword research tool – however to use it you need to become a premium member; something not found elsewhere in digital marketing courses; however it’s an expensive investment decision.

Four Percent’s primary drawback lies in its unclear business model. Their website shows new members joining and creating websites every second, giving an inaccurate representation of who has found success with this business model – as there may only be a select few succeed.

The Four Percent Group is an online marketing company that promises to assist in building a successful online business.

Their tools and technology are among the latest available; after your free trial ends you must pay to continue using it; additionally they have a referral program which rewards you when friends sign up through you – giving you commission on products purchased by these friends!

Four Percent is not a scam despite some negative reviews; its founder Vick Strizheus has over 15 years of experience working in marketing.


As we conclude our exploration of Four Percent, it’s evident that this digital marketing training platform is a game-changer for entrepreneurs seeking to excel in the online realm.

From its comprehensive core training modules to its vibrant community and support system, Four Percent offers a holistic learning experience that fosters growth, collaboration, and success.

The success stories and testimonials from individuals who have transformed their businesses through Four Percent’s training are a testament to its effectiveness.

Whether you’re a novice looking to build a solid foundation in digital marketing or a seasoned marketer aiming to level up your skills, Four Percent provides the resources, mentorship, and community you need to achieve remarkable results. Embrace the power of Four Percent and unlock your true potential in the digital marketing landscape.